T-Shirts for Sale!


Tons of people have contacted us asking where to get our awesome Promote the Goat Shirts.  We are now accepting both check and credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Discover & American Express)!

Our Shirts:

Blue Unisex “Promote the Goat” Shirt ($20 + shipping) – as seen on Aunt Rain (left).  Sizes S – 2XL

Purple Ladies “Promote the Goat” Shirt ($20 + shipping) – as seen on Steph (right).  Sizes S – XL

SHIPPING: United States – $4 for the first shirt, an additional $1 for each shirt thereafter.

How to Purchase:

1.  Send me an email (tshirts@goatshowdoc.com) with:

  • Your Shirt Order – Quantity, Colors (Blue Unisex or Purple Ladies), Sizes (S-2XL)
  • Whether you are paying by check or credit card
  • Your mailing address for the shirts

If you’re paying by credit card, I’ll send you an invoice through PayPal.  If you’re paying by check, I’ll send you an email invoice and mailing address to direct your check.

2.  When I receive your credit card payment or check, I will send you your shirt immediately and confirm via email.  Each shirt comes with a bonus FREE Promote Goat Pin (the hottest commodity at the 2012 ADGA National Show)

3.  You receive a Promote the Goat shirt in the mail!

Promote Pin

If you already HAVE a Promote the Goat shirt or are going to buy one, we need volunteers to take a picture of themselves wearing their Promote the Goat Shirt!  Bonus points if you’re also standing with / holding a goat!!!  Pictures will be posted online for everyone to enjoy.  Spread the goat love!

All proceeds from T-shirt sales go the making of Goat People! Thank you!

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