Goat People, a documentary about the American Dairy Goat industry, is a work in progress by producers Helena Bowen, Trevor Taylor & Julian Broudy.  Principle Photography took place in April & July 2012.  Goat People is scheduled to finish post-production in the summer of 2013.


Helena Bowen

Some might say that Helena was raised by goats.  Or “goat people,” rather.  Born in Fort Collins, Colorado Helena’s early-life on the Bowen goat farm in Wellington proved to be the perfect foundation for the work ethic she now possesses in the Los Angeles film world.  After attending Boston University, Helena set her sights on making Goat People her first feature-film – the perfect marriage between her childhood experiences and her professional pursuits as an adult.  Since last fall, between jobs working as a professional camera woman, assistant camera, assistant director, editor, and director of photography, Helena has dedicated countless hours of time to Goat People and hopes to not only fulfill her own creative dreams, but to instill a public recognition of the diverse, dedicated, and colorful world that “goat people” live in.

Trevor Taylor

Originally from a rural suburb northwest of Philadelphia, Trevor’s tight-knit family instilled in him a great sense of character.  Trevor’s respect and sensitivity for others, along with his keen eye, translates directly to his success as a director of photography in Los Angeles.   Trevor’s un-matched technical knowledge allows for a thoughtful and improvisational approach to his work, which results in a more truthful and natural sense of place and personality across his filmography.  With that sort of skill set it’s no wonder he’s an asset on any film crew, but especially on a documentary where the unexpected is a guarantee.  Not to mention, he’s the best troubleshooter around!

Julian Broudy 

Since childhood, Julian had his eyes set on the film world.  Starting as an actor in his youth, his filmic interests have developed into a passion for screenwriting and directing.  And thanks to his more technically-savvy friends, he’s also leant a hand as a camera assistant and production assistant on many film sets since his move to Los Angeles in 2011.  Julian prides himself on the earnest observation of the world around him, and aims to instill this practice across his work in the film and photography industries.  Julian founded Mountain Fish Productions with Helena, and the two hope that Goat People marks the mere surface of a wealth of interesting, honest, and entertaining projects.

Dimitri Kouri

A member of the prolific 18% Productions formed by the best of Boston University’s film students, Dimitri wears many hats across the board of film production.  Not only does he operate a mean boom pole, but directs, writes, produces, and organizes an annual Film Festival!  Further, if you happen to hear some banjo strings being strummed or the light keys of a piano, chances are you’ve stumbled upon another side of Dimitri’s many talents.  With his headphones on, Dimitri may appear to be enraptured in his sound world, but he’s always present, always willing to engage, and always loaded with fresh ideas.

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  1. Not sure if included in your plans is a trip to Spindale,NC (home of the ADGA office), but if you are I thought I would send you information about a local goat festival across the street from the main office. Very small community adga sanctioned show but might provide you some good shots of the adga office and how a town supports them



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