Get Your Promote the Goat T-Shirts!

Tons of people have contacted us asking where to get Promote the Goat Shirts.  We are now accepting both check and credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Discover & American Express)!  Here’s what you can do:

1.  Send me an email ( with your shirt’s color (blue unisex or purple ladies) and size (S-2XL).  Please also indicate whether you prefer to pay by CREDIT CARD or CHECK!  I’ll verify that we have those T-shirts in stock.  If you’re paying by credit card, I’ll send you an invoice through PayPal.  If you’re paying by check, I’ll send you an email invoice and mailing address to direct your check.

2.  When I receive your credit card payment or check, I will send you your shirt immediately and confirm via email.  Each shirt comes with a bonus FREE Promote Goat Pin (the hottest commodity at the 2012 ADGA National Show)

3.  You receive a Promote the Goat shirt in the mail!

Here’s what we have to offer:


Blue Unisex Promote the Goat Shirt ($20 + shipping) – as seen on Aunt Rain (left).  Sizes S – 2XL

Purple Ladies Promote the Goat Shirt ($20 + shipping) – as seen on Steph (right).  Sizes S – 2XL


United States – $4 for the first shirt, an additional $1 for each shirt thereafter.

If you already HAVE a Promote the Goat shirt or are going to buy one, we need volunteers to take a picture of themselves wearing their Promote the Goat Shirt!  Bonus points if you’re also standing with / holding a goat!!!  Pictures will be posted online for everyone to enjoy.  Spread the goat love!

All proceeds from T-shirt sales go the making of Goat Show Doc! Thank you!

Go Green Tip of the Week! #1: Unsubscribe to Unwanted Mail!

This is both an eco-friendly tip AND a tip to save you the annoyance of opening a mailbox full of JUNK!  If you’re like me and half your mail is unwanted advertising, don’t stand for it!  Removing your name from mailing lists is a great step towards minimizing your paper use!  You can put your name on umbrella “No Junk Mail” type lists, but I’ve found that it doesn’t really work… you have to go straight to the source and contact each different company or distributor directly.  Companies are legally required to let you opt-out of mailings, so start making a list of all that nagging mail, open up your laptop and get to work!

Here are the opt-out forms for some companies I’ve found to be particularly nagging.

Valpak Opt-Out:

PennySaverUSA Opt-Out:

RedPlum Opt-Out:

Clipper Magazine Opt-Out:

Googling “Opt-Out of _____ Mailing” or “Unsubscribe from _____ Mailing” will usually pull up a result for the mailing in question.  If not, find a customer service email or phone number for the company, and email or call them directly.  There is no reason to get so much junk mail if you don’t want it!

You can also try using Catalog Trust, a highly rated company that manages unsubscribe requests for lots of major companies.  The only draw back is that you have to create a free online account (I’m sick of creating online accounts for EVERYTHING!)  Check it out:

If you have an iPhone or Droid, try using the app Paper Karma (  It hasn’t worked for ALL mailings that I have tried, but it has worked for some!

If you have any other good junk mail tips, please post them in the comments!  It may take several weeks for each of these companies to stop sending you mail, so please recycle the junk in the mean time!

Check back next week for another Go Green Tip of the Week!

Go Goat Go Green: Tip of the Week Intro

Goats can’t help but be natural, and in doing so they benefit the environment just by existing.  From consuming less water than most farm animals, to ridding properties of caustic and course roughages through grazing, the basic make-up of a goat seems genetically aligned with the “green” mindset.  Further, the goat’s ability to thrive in the world’s harshest and most diverse environments brings such eco-friendly foundations to the globe’s most marginal and often impoverished populations.

Just by being themselves, goats do a great deal of green work for the world.  So how are we living up to the subject of our documentary?

  • Minimizing printing by using digital mediums, like iPad release forms, saving hundreds of paper sheets.
  • When necessary, printing on recyclable paper.
  • Eating humanely-raised meats.
  • Using bio-degradable shampoo and conditioner.
  • Driving a hybrid car and / or carpooling.
  • Drinking fair-trade organic coffee.
  • Relying on re-usable mugs, glasses, and bottles for beverages.
  • Using re-chargeable batteries.
  • Recycling and reusing all appropriate materials, such as our entire National Show booth.
  • Not using air conditioning.
  • Eating locally and drinking beer from nearby micro breweries.
  • Purchasing carbon offsets to compensate for our air travel.
  • Using seventh-generation toilet paper.

At the 2012 ADGA National Show, we helped you “go[at] green” by recycling your cans and bottles.  Thank you to those of you who participated!

To further the theme of eco-stewardship with our film and followers, we will start posting a “green” tip of the week, regarding simple things YOU can do to help the earth.  Feel free to submit your own tips (especially regarding goat ownership!) in the comments or via email: helena [at] goatshowdoc [dot] com

Julian’s Photo Journal #8

The 8th and final Colorado photo journal has arrived! Here we have some left-over Salida shenanigans, a touristy trip to the Royal Gorge, and the most colorful display nature has to offer (at least that I’ve ever seen)…Enjoy!

A water silo against the Salida landscape.


Ladder up.

The crew rounds it out.


The Mountain Goat Lodge in Salida, CO.


The back drive.

Surreal farmlands.


The Royal Gorge.

The only way across.

Comprehending the Gorge.

Dimitri spots the beginnings of the most eye-popping sunset I will come to see.

Just the start.












Fitting that my Colorado photo journals would end with a sunset. Thanks for the views and the kind comments. I look forward to #9 when the Goat Show Doc crew sets out once more.

– Julian

Julian’s Photo Journal #7

Hey Goat Show Doc vistors. Here’s the seventh edition of my photo journal. After Nationals, the Goat Show Doc crew traveled to Southwest Colorado for a few scheduled visits (more on those later). The road brought us to Salida, CO where we found an amazing look-out house plopped atop a surrounding peak. I hope you enjoy the views as much as I did!

The look-out peak.

A small hut that houses an incredible panoramic perspective of Salida and beyond.

Room with a view.

Dimitri takes in the sights.

Making our mark. Tons of people have signed or written quotes on the walls.

Well said.

Through the frame.

Salida, CO





Salida Streets.

And old (abandoned?) farm.

Snipe lens.

Photo stance.

Trev looks out.

Album cover.

Ford advertisement?

Mountains and Clouds.



Standing his ground.

Top of the world.

See you soon with the 8th and final (for Colorado that is) photo journal.

– Julian

Julian’s Photo Journal #6

#6 has arrived.  Enjoy the rest of the show pics!

A Nubian sleeps on itself.

A man sleeps among the goats.

On the same level.

A Nubian stretches out for a pillow.

A shirt-wearing Alpine stands by.

Lonely Lamancha.

A boy spectates from a safe distance.

Rounding the ring.

Tawney clutches her heart in the ring.

Redwood Hill sets their group class.

Aligning a goat for the best view.

A judge makes her decision.

Ring secrets with Karen Smith.

Stacked ribbons on the judges table.

An essential part of the goat show…

Nickles for Nubians at the goat breed coin race featured in our booth.

Two Nubians appear to talk as they await their turn in the ring.

An Oberhasli sips from a blue bucket.

Kid talk.

Carried on.

Balancing on a trailer before entering the show grounds.

Looking ready to go.

Hope you enjoyed the show photos.  Most of my time was spent behind a video camera, but hopefully this gives you a good sense of the times we had and the sights we saw.

Thanks and see you soon with #7!

– Julian

Our Thoughts and Prayers Go Out to Aurora

It is incredibly sad that Goat Show Doc’s time in Colorado was book-ended by two local tragedies: The High Park and Waldo Canyon Fires and last night’s The Dark Knight Rises shooting.  Our thoughts go out to the families in Denver who suffered horrific losses last night.  Thank you to everyone who texted, called or emailed me this morning to check to see if we were okay.  All of us are shaken by the terrifying proximity of the massacre (we were only a few miles away in Denver at a different theater at a midnight screening of The Dark Knight Rises) and heartbroken for all the families who weren’t so lucky as we were.  This marks a second horrific Colorado shooting in my life time – the first being Columbine on April 20th, 1999.  We all hope this is the last.

If you are in the Denver area, please consider donating blood.  I know Denver area hospitals are desperately in need of blood for the 50+ shooting victims.

Julian’s Photo Journal #5

So you may be wondering, after 4 photo journals and nearly one week since the official end of the National Goat Show, Julian might want to post something relevant to the actual show and our crews’ coverage of it!  No fear.  These next two journals are entirely dedicated to my personal Goat Show experience, from kids to kids.

A boy rains shavings on the head of his show-goat.

Two kid Lamanchas get curious about my camera.

A young Nubian goat perches for attention.

Karen Smith – judge, show-woman, host, interviewee, and more.

The Larson family competes in a group class at the National Show.

A judge observes his line-up.

Helena shoots from the sidelines.

Tawney lends a helping hand during the “Fitting Contest,” where teams compete to clip and clean a goat in 30 minutes or less.

A girl cups a Lamancha’s face during the fitting contest.

Trinity judges showmanship amongst a group of excitable kids.

#71 lays a calming hand on his Nubian’s snout.

Sandy VanEcho competes with her champion Oberhasli.

Emily Larson in the ring.

Competitors line-up for judging.

A judge examines the mammary system of a goat.

The judges converse.

The Goat Show Crew interviews Joan Bowen at ring-side.

Helena conducts an interview with Katie of Redwood Hill.

Some smiles along the way.

Dimitri gets close with a young Lamancha.

A funny Nubian chews its cud.

Googly-eyed Alpine.

A black and white Nubian and Lamancha lounge in their pen.

#6, and the second part of my show photo coverage coming soon!  Thanks for checking.
– Julian

A Quick Update!

Hello Everyone!

Trevor, Julian, Dimitri and I just got back from a three-day trip around Colorado to visit various dairy goat operations.  Check out the links below for information on Tuesday and Wednesday’s tours: The Mountain Goat Lodge (as in Mountainous Goat-Lodge, not Mountain-Goat Lodge) and Jumpin’ Good Goat Dairy.  Thank you to Gina Marcell and Dawn Jump for their hospitality!




More on these two wonderful places later!  (When my crew and I rest up!)

2012 ADGA National Show

Hello Friends and Followers!

The moment we’ve been waiting for has finally come and gone! The 2012 ADGA National Show in Loveland, CO was a great success. My crew and I worked around the clock in order to fully capture the event. We met hundreds of wonderful people and thousands of delightful goats. All in all, I’d say it went really well!

There were moments of stress and drama, like a monumental thunder and lightning storm that flooded three tents of goat pens and temporarily displaced hundreds of goats just hours after vet check. But the goat community banded together to help save both friend and foe from the downpour.

There were also countless moments of triumph. Redwood Hill, a farm we’ve followed from the beginning, had three big wins and dozens of good placings. Redwood Herd Manager Trinity Smith won Overall Grand Champion Nubian with her mother Karen Smith’s Nubian doe of Wingwood Farm. Redwood also won Overall Grand Champion Alpine and Overall Grand Champion Saanen. When it came time to sell one of their Alpine does in the Colorama Sale, they raised over $3,700. Sir Echo’s Sandy Van Echo (a Kickstarter backer) won Overall Reserve Champion Oberhasli. Congratulations to everyone at the 2012 ADGA National Show! It will go down in the books as one of the largest shows in recent history. The competition was steep but everyone did a great job preparing their goats for the ring.

Goat Show Doc had anywhere between 3 and 7 cameras running at any given time, and even though we now have hundreds of hours of footage to sort through, I am extremely happy with what we got. We also had a very successful booth (blog post to come) that included information on local tourist activities and a “yearbook” with still photos from the shoot. We had a coin race (see results at and sold T-shirts to raise money. We still have a lot of extra T-shirts ($20 plus shipping). If you’re interested please contact me! Finally we had a “Name the Documentary” contest. Results are available for voting at   My personal favorites are “Goat People,” “Hooves” and “No Goats No Glory” … but we won’t decide until the public has voiced their opinion and until the movie is complete!

Thank you to everyone who made our National Goat Show experience so great! The hours were long and the shoot was physically demanding on all of us, but I wouldn’t change a thing! It was sad to say goodbye to so many old friends and so many new ones, but I know I will see you all in 2013 at the special advanced screening of the yet-to-be-titled Goat Show Doc.

A huge thank you to the following awesome people who gave us extensive interviews and access at the show:

Greg, Vicki, Hannah, Joseph, Abbi and Emily Larson (CO) –
Jennifer & Scott Bice (CA) –
Trinity & Karen Smith (CA) –
Katie Jack (CA)
Andrew Malmanis (CA)
Fauna Smith (New Zealand)
Joan S. Bowen (CO)
Chuck Pedersen (CO)
Karen Smith (TN)
Phil & Nan Hassey (CO)
Tawney Bleak (CO)
Sandy Van Echo (AZ) –
Anne Jones (TX) –
Ellen Dorsey (OK) –
Matthew Dziadkowiec (TN)
Phil Cassette (ME) –
Paul Plummer (IA) –
Jon Welker (CO)
Libby George (CO) –
Barbara Rissler (OK)
Abby Powell (CO)

If you like what we’re doing, please consider donating –  We’re still over $20,000 away from what we need to finish the doc!  Thank you for your support!