25 Fun Things to Do During the National Show! #19: Take a Day Trip to Denver

#19: Take a Day Trip to Denver!

Denver, “The Mile High City,” is less than an hour from the Ranch, and there are COUNTLESS awesome things to see and do.  Here is a small list of my favorites, but if you want to continue your search, Denver’s Tourism Website, http://www.denver.org/ is a great resource.

The Tattered Cover: Located on the popular and busy 16th Street Mall, The Tattered Cover is easily my favorite book store… in the world.  Yes, the world.  It is an beautiful and ENORMOUS store with thousands of books and tons of personalized recommendations from employees.  I literally cannot go to Denver without setting foot in this shop.  It is mandatory.  The huge plus is that this store is right next to several other major destinations: Coors Field (home of the Colorado Rockies), the 16th Street Mall (great shopping), The Denver Art Museum and the Capitol Building.  Find more information here: http://www.tatteredcover.com/

Speaking of which…

I’m afraid the Colorado Rockies are out-of-town for most of the National Show, but if you want to blow off the wine and cheese party on the 13th or stay an extra day til the 14th, Rockies games are a great, inexpensive option for family fun.  “Inexpensive, MLB, yeah right!,” you say.  Wrong!  Rockies tickets are as low as $4.  You heard me right!  $4.  If you can’t make it to a game but still want to see the park, they offer tours:  http://colorado.rockies.mlb.com/col/ballpark/tours/

The Denver Art Museum is not far from the two aforementioned destinations and has a HUGE collection of art form all different periods.  Also, the building itself is a sight to be seen.  The Frederic C. Hamilton Building above is constructed so that it has NOT A SINGLE right angle, parallel or perpendicular line.  What results is a really unique viewing experience for the Modern and Contemporary art collections and – watch out on the stairs! – a sense of vertigo to some.  For more information: http://www.denverartmuseum.org/

The Denver Museum of Nature and Science is a great option for families.  When I was a kid, a trip to Denver was almost synonymous with a trip to the science museum.  It has everything – dinosaurs, wild animal dioramas, mummies, geodes and minerals, a hands-on health exhibit and even an IMAX theater and planetarium.  Check out “To the Arctic 3D,” “Tornado Alley 3D” or “Flying Monsters 3D.”  For more information: http://www.dmns.org/

Conveniently located next door to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science is:

The Denver Zoo! Great for the whole family.  Check out their new elephant exhibit!  http://www.denverzoo.org/

Finally Casa Bonita, a famous restaurant in Denver that is basically The Rainforest Café on crack.  There is no shortage of family fun at this giant man-made jungle.  Your dinner comes with divers, mariachi bands, fire jugglers and more.  It certainly isn’t the best Mexican food you’ll find in Colorado, but the kids will definitely love it.

These are just a few of the COUNTLESS fun things to do in Denver.  Check out the Denver Tourism website for more: http://www.denver.org/

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